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We are energetic, friendly, fully functional, and hardworking professional movers. Our insured and bonding moving labor company is well renowned throughout the Morgantown, Waynesburg,  & Uniontown area. Our team is capable of successfully completing every job, if you need help moving We Will Go the Extra Mile for You!  We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. WE DO NOT OWN TRUCKS CUSTOMERS RENT THEM. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you!

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What We Offer!

Loading & Unloading

Pittsburgh PA & Morgantown WV Moving Company

PRATTZ MOVERS service providers can load and unload your moving truck quickly and efficiently. PRATTZ MOVERS will safely load and unload your furniture, boxes, and more. We will securely load your items, so they arrive safely to your new home.

Packing & Unpacking

Pittsburgh PA & Morgantown WV Moving Company

PRATTZ MOVERS service providers offer packing services that will safe you time and effort on your moving day. WE know the most effective and efficient ways to pack your china, tv, frames, books, clothes, and other fragile items. WE can also be booked to unpack your items once you get to your new home.

Home Cleaning

Pittsburgh PA & Morgantown WV Moving Company

The Clean Team by PRATTZ

Will be providing cleaning services for you coming soon. We will specialize in Commercial units and High End Residential units. We help deep clean and provide other services as well.

Business to Business Moving

Pittsburgh PA & Morgantown WV Moving Company

PRATTZ MOVERS service providers specialize in moving businesses and schools. We provided services for many renowned companies including Boston Beanery, Suncrest Middle School, Connellsville Middle School, Swanson's Industries, Paisley and Dots Retail and more. Call Today for an accurate quote.

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The size of your apartment or house is a factor to consider when calculating the overall cost of your move. Below is a cost guide for those moving into new houses based on average hourly rates charged by our moving company; Additional services, including long-distance moving (over 100 miles), packing, storage and large item moving can increase the rate of services.

Size of House, Estimated Time of Move, Average Price Range,
1 Bedroom House/Apartment 2-4 hours $250-$410
2 Bedroom House/Apartment 4-6 hours $410-$570
3 Bedroom House 6-8 hours $570-$730
4 Bedroom House 6-10 hours $570-$890

*** These prices are for Labor Only (No Truck Rental)


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Our Moving Supplies

  1. MOVING BLANKETS – Prattz Movers will be sent out with moving blankets to protect your items.

  2. TOOL BAG – Prattz Movers will bring a tool bag to assemble and disassemble items you may need assistance with.

  3. DOLLY AND HAND TRUCK – Every crew leader will be sent out with one Furniture Dolly and one Utility Dolly (Hand Truck).